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We do not promote any work that is unnecessary.  We have built our reputation solely on honesty, efficiency, and low price, We retain our customers for years. Thats all anyone want’s, a good job at a fare price. Were one of the only Plumbers in Chandler that provide just that. Call our office to book your appointment and we will have your plumbing up and running in no time.

take a look at some of the basic services we offer as your Plumber in Chandler AZ. If you need a Chandler Plumbing Service that is not on the list below, I’m sure we have it on our other list. Take a look at our Chandler Plumbing Service Page.

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Drain Cleaning ChandlerDrain Cleaning by a Plumber in Chandler is the only way to go. You don’t want to call a guy from the other side of town. We will Clean Any Drain in your home or business for the low low price of $49.50 Yes $49.50 to unclog any One Sewer or Drain during regular business hours. Did you know their are several different ways to Unclog a Drain? Get more information on our Drain Cleaning page.

Water Heaters have come a long way in the last decade. The Tank-less Water heater is what most of our customers in Chandler choose now a days. Some people will go with the old tank type Water Heater because they are relatively inexpensive. The word going around in the Plumbing Trade is tank type Water Heaters will not be around in the next few years. For more info see our Water Heater page.

Hydro-Jetting Service-Chandler

Hydro Jetting is by far the best way to actually Clean a Drain 100%. This is also another aspect of the Plumbing Trade that is becoming popular. The down fall to this method is the cost to have it done. The cost on average is about three times the cost of a standard Drain Cleaning with a Drain Snake. For more info on Hydro Jetting Service Chandler and compare the difference, see our Hydro Jetting Page.

Toilet installation and repair Chandler

Toilet Repair and Installation. This is one of those fixtures you would think that can’t be improved right? You will be surprised on how far toilets have come in recent years. In the mid 80’s water conservation took most manufactures for a loop. When they made the industry change from the 3.5 gallon to the 1.6 gallon per flush, the problems started to arise. For more info on Toilet repair or installation, see the Toilet page.

Slab Leak? The reason we call it a Slab Leak is if you have a home or business that has a concrete slab foundation and your water pipes are under the foundation, if a pipe springs a leak, you now have a Slab Leak. The way most people discover they have a Slab Leak is they will find a hot spot on the floor or the floor is warm. If you think you have a slab leak, see our Slab Leak page for more info. We will help you understand.

Garbage Disposers come in all shapes and sizes now a days. In-Sinkerator  is the leader when it comes to garbage disposal units. Most homes have the basic 1/3 or 1/2 HP disposer, but you can get them all the way up to 1HP for a residential unit. It almost seems kind of silly to have a unit that large but I have been thinking about it because my wife has burned up three in eight years. See our Garbage Disposer page.

Sewer Camera Inspection and Locating.

A Sewer Camera Inspection takes all the guess work out of the equation. This is a picture of what the inside of your Sewer Pipe looks like on a after a trench-less sewer liner was installed. As you can see, if you have a problematic Sewer line, A sewer camera Inspection is the only way to find out whats causing the blockages. The alternative is to dig and remove the pipe. See our Sewer Camera Inspection page for more info.

Faucets repair Chandler

Faucet repairs and installation. There are so many different faucets on the market today, we have a hard time giving a recommendation to home owners. Did you know that their are faucets on the market that can be turned on without touching them?  We now have to carry hundreds of faucet repair parts on our service trucks as opposed to ten years ago we only had a dozen or two. See more info on Faucets.

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